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Sometimes I received emails from some of the visitor asking about their cockatiel. I think some of the question is very good question therefore would like to share some of the question with other visitor. (some of the wording have been edited to fit this site)

I hope we all can benefit from some of the information shared here.


I have a pair of young cockatiels and last year they did not breed, but this year they are and I am worried that I will not give them the necessary treatment. I have the nesting box and she keeps going in and out. I was told to put straw and cottonwool in the cage so she could make her nest etc...

I do not know how long this mating period will go one for, how long the eggs take to hatch and do I have to put additional different food in the cage for the babies? I want them to be happy and feel that she can lay the eggs, but she has not got what she needs maybe she won't lay any?

Please help a.s.a.p.
Kind Regards


Refer to your question, if it is their first time, actually it take some time for her to lay the first egg. this depend on individual and can range from 1 week up to several weeks. Yes, you should provide that material in the nestbox... actually the tiel didn't make any nest - they didn't do it themself, so you should
put all the nesting material inside the nest box for her. For me, I normally use pine shaving.

Regarding the food, in this stage you can provide them with some vegetable - if they take it.. normally, vegetable can encourage the pair to breed. In this stage - one food that you must not missed - cuttlefish bone or calcium source for you bird. If the female is not received enough calcium - there are lots of potential problem that might occur especialy for the first time breeding...
Normally they will incubate the egg after the second egg is laid. incubation is about 22 days. male and female with take turn - day and night time.

When baby hatch you can continue to give them the vegi and variety of food (I assume that currently you provide them variety of food - right?)...I think it should be fine... just make sure you provide them with enough food because thier food consumption may increase when the baby is hatch...

I hope this brief info can help. Good luck.




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