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Transporting a Cockatiel


            There are some guidelines to transport a bird. The first simple rule is the birds should never be transported in a large, ornamental cage. For ornamental cage, the bird may try to bath and it could injured themselves even you have wrap the cage with some sort of covering.

            All birds should be transport in special cage, the traveling cage. In Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur, I found many pets shop will use paper bag (with holes) for customer to transport the bird. This type of transportation will not injured the bird as they unable to bath (flap their wing) but it is not suitable for long journey as they are too small.

            If you have many Cockatiel or always bring along your pet Cockatiel when you travel, you should consider to build a special transporting box for your tame pet Cockatiel. The box can be build from card board. And of if you like you can build it yourself. The ideal size (for a birds) is about 12 by 10 by 10 inches (30X25X25cm), with a fine, wire-mesh front.

            The important rule that you should not missed is the ventilation holes. Ventilations holes is very important because without proper vent elation, it might make the bird more stressful and this definitely will harm the birds.

            Sufficient seed for the journey may be strewn on the bottom of the traveling case, if the journey is long, then a little moist bread should be necessary for the moisture supply. For a long journey, the best way is also provide food and water to the birds. Food is carrier to provide because it is dry and not messy. However for water source, it have some problem as the water may, splash to the floor and will make the cage very messy. The solution might be the wet bread or some food with lots of moisture like apple or carrot.

            Based on Mathew M.Vriends, during his various study trips to Australia, he and his wife always observed Cockatiel, Berdgeriar, Rosellas, Cockatoos and other bird foraging for food in the evening and night time based on moonlight. Therefore, in our cage we can state that the bird will take the food even  the cage is dark.


Cockatiel Books and Video Tapes from Avian Publications

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein

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22 December 2003

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