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My Cockatiel stock: Pet cockatiel for sale 

I am sorry to inform that my breeding program for year 2005 is not success as plan. I get only few baby and it is not enough for all. Here is the latest update as December 2005

Cockatiel :

Availability (baby)
Normal Grey n a
Pearl n a
Pied n a
Cinnamon n a
Lutino n a
White Face n a

For your information, I have start to keep other species of birds and will try to breed them. In future I really hope that I able to produce some tame and hand feed from this stock. The birds and animals that I keep now is:

Love bird n a
Budgerigar n a
Ducorp cockatoo (Cacatua Ducorpsi) n a
Eclectus Parrot (eclectus rotatus) n a


Sugar glider n a
.. n a
Persian Cat n a


  Avaiable = avaiable and ready to go to new home
  handfeeding baby
have been booked, not available for sale
  handfeeding baby = available for sale
  n a =
baby not avaiable at the moment
  on egg =
parent is incubating the egg
  nest =
sign of breeding but no egg yet
  mating =
mating, but no baby at the moment


Meanwhile, you can prepare yourself with the knowledge. If you are well prepared, it will help you and your birds to understand each other better. This will, of course will make both of you happy and less problem. Check out some great book about Pet Cockatiel Avian Publication or at



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