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   What's new : check out the latest news in pet-cockatiel from here.

   Introduction to cockatiel

        What is cockatiel

       Cockatiel Mutation

       Taxonomy and history of cockatiel

       Why cockatiel is the best pet bird for beginner

    Consideration before buying Cockatiel

        Owner duties: check this out before buying a pet birds

        Do you really want a Cockatiel

        Do Cockatiel Fit Your Life style

        Question to check your readiness to have Pet Cockatiels

        Cockatiel and other pets

    Buying Cockatiel

         Cockatiel Buying guide

         Single or Pair ?

         Pet shop or breeder: the pro and cons

         Transport your Cockatiel home

         Arrival of new cockatiel

         Quarantine - Prevent your birds from bird decease

         Installing Cockatiel to her new home 

         Before the cockatiel arrived

        When the cockatiel arrived

        Getting Your new bird

        Just before the parrot arrived

     Caring for Cockatiel

        Bathing : Make your pet Cockatiel clean and comfortable

       Exercise : Keep your pet Cockatiel fit and healthy

       Night Flight : Problem at night

       Poison Inhale: Beware of the environment, it may kill your Cockatiels

       Poisonous Plant: Keep it away from your birds

       Household Danger: Make sure your house is safe for Cockatiels

       Table of Danger

   Know your Cockatiel

       Sound of your Cockatiel : why they do that ?

        Cockatiel feather: What can we learn from it?

        Cockatiel sex : How to check ?

        Cockatiel Behaviour

        Are the cockatiel sick? How do we know?

   Taming and Training Cockatiel

        Taming Cockatiel and other pet bird 

        Guide to train birds to eat variety of food

  Cockatiel Foods

        My cockatiel food

        Understand pet birds Nutrition




  Cockatiel and Malaysia Law  (in Malays language)

        Malaysia Protected of Wild life Act 1972

        Schedule one : List of totally protected animals 

        Schedule two : List of protected animals 

        Schedule three : List of totally protected birds

        Schedule four : List of protected wild birds 

        Schedule five : List of protected insects

        schedule six : Standard of maturity

        schedule seven : Poisons

        Schedule eight : Warrant to search 

       Schedule nine : Warrant of arrest

   Birds breeder

   Link page 1

   Link page 2


   Cockatiel Books

   If Cockatiel get sick

       Egg laying problem in Cockatiel

       How the disease spread

       Veterinary clinic around Kuala Lumpur

       Sick Bird: What should you do and how to prevent it.

       Bird Flu (Avian Influenza - H5N1): The fact and prevention step.

      Bird Flu and Keeping Pet Bird: My opinion

 Bird Flu: Guide to safer food

    Bird cage

   Cockatiel FAQ

   Selected Email

   Live birds importer/Exporter: Do you need to import live birds from Malaysia

   Tame pet cockatiel for sale from me : Check my available stock here

   Why buy cockatiel from

   Price of my baby cockatiel and baby sugar glider

   Malaysia bird Forum

   Guest book




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