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Single Cockatiel or a pair?


     In my opinion, this depend on what is your intention to keep the Cockatiel. If you keep it as a pets, as your good friend, than you could keep single Cockatiel. However you must consider the fact that in nature Cockatiel live in flock and very sociable. If you do this, then you are everything to your pet Cockatiel. You will become her friend, you will be tier guardian, and you will be her entertainer and she will just rely everything on you. Like it or not you will be her surrogate partner and this may take lots of your time. However, if you keep them like this, they will become very tame and playful to you. She may even speck your language!

     If you intend to breed your bird, then it required more than single bird…obviously! From my personal experience, it is lots easier start with two pair. One pair also can be done but it take more time and effort. However you should accept that if you keep in pair, they will likely to be interested in their kind and not you. Definite she will prefer to spend more time her boyfriend!

     You also have to check your budget, the bigger your collection, the bigger is your budget. For me, I keep many birds (I also keep other species of birds, and not only Cockatiel) and I found that the budget for sunflower sees alone will reach more than RM200.00 a year (not including other source of foods, the supplement, cages, veterinary bills and any other cost that you might think of).

      In this case, I think you should remember that the smaller the colony, the smaller your budget for them. However, one thing for sure is the cost of caring for the birds most probably will more than the cost of purchasing the birds.


Note from me:

Lately I have lots of question regarding this issue from the visitors. Therefore I would like to add some more information regarding this... Most of the time, you will go to work during the daytime and most of us will only able to spend time with our pet birds after work (and after the family time - for some)... Therefore, when we deduct everything out... the time that we can really spend with the birds is very minimal. You can avoid your pet birds from become very upset and pick up some bad behaviour by keeping two birds in one case or in a different cage nearby.

From my experience, it is fine even if you keep other species of birds (if they didn't show agresive behaviour towards each other). However, it is recommend that the birds that you keep near each other is similiar in species and behaviour i.e parrot with parrot (with similiar sizes and not a parrot together with a hawk! (just and example)


Cockatiel Books and Video Tapes from Avian Publications

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein

Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition) by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop

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