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 If you want a bird as pet, Check this out before buy cockatiel

If you are getting to like bird as pet, I am very happy for you. I also agree that bird - Cockatiel is very charming and very interesting birds. I also have fall for them and now I keep many Cockatiel. Well, actually I keep many pet birds but as of now, majority of them is Cockatiel. However, before you rush out and buy the Cockatiel, I think you should check out some information about keeping cockatiel. Article below that I have prepared could be your first consideration whether a pet cockatiel is suitable for you. 

Owner duties: What is your duties as a pet birds owner

Do you really want a Cockatiel

Do Cockatiel Fit Your Life style

Question to check your readiness to have Pet Cockatiels

Cockatiel and other pets





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