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Feb 2006 

Bird Flu have stuck Malaysia for the second time in 22 February 2006. Many people worry about it. I hope it can be overcome as fast as possible. 

Due to many people worried, I prepared some article regarding bird flu. The latest article is Five keys to safer food.

If you need news about bird flu which happen in malaysia, do visit Malaysia Bird forum.


Jan 2006

I think it is time for me to wish you all a very happy new year 2006. During year 2005, there are many incident happen in Malaysia and all around the world which related to cockatiel, pet birds and pet industry. One of them is The Bird Flu (avian Influanza). In Malaysia, the government have stop import and export bird indifinitely (until further notice). I hope year 2006 will be better year for all of us in pet birds fields.



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