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  November 2005

I update some more information in the site. Most of them is regarding diseases (avian Flu) or which many people refer as asian bird flu pandemic and also keeping pet bird during this period of time. I also share some of my experiance regarding sick bird. Feel free to check it out.

If you are concern about Bird flu pandemic especially in Malaysia, you can chech out the news section in Malaysia Bird Forum.

   May 2005

On Saturday 21 May 2005, Mr. Muzzafar Kaisar Ishak of Wildlife Founa Janda Baik will be featured in Majalah Tiga again. This time the program will show his collection of mammals in the Janda Baik breeding facility. 

I also have update and there are lots of discussion in the Malaysia Bird Forum. everyone is invited to join the discussion (it doesn't matter even if you are not Malaysian)

   April 2005

On Saturday 16 April 2005, Mr.Muzzafar Kaisar Ishak who operate a breeding facility in Janda Baik, Pahang is features in a Television program "Majalah 3' (Majalah Tiga) by TV3. He has successfully breed many Malaysian Birds which is very endangered such as Malays Peacock, and Merpati Emas. Congratulation to him.


   March 2005:

I Just update my site and now there will be a Forum for birds lover hosting by my site. You can visit this forum and discuss many topic regarding birds. Malaysia Bird Forum

I have obtain my first pair of white face cockatiel. I am not sure if they able to breed soon, but I am sure that later I will be able to cater for cockatiel lover in Malaysia who would like to have this mutation of cockatiel in their collection. However, since the cost of them is also more expensive, I have no choice but to sell them at higher price compared to other colour mutation. 

  February 2005:

I just buy one brinsea incubator for my usage. This is actually for emergency, in case any of the pair abandon their eggs as previously happen.

Notes about Birds Flu: Even Malaysia have been declared free from bird flu (avian influanza) problem, however the wild life department is still freeze any license. therefore, trader of animal especially birds still unable to exports the birds. import ban also still on and normally trader unable to import the animals yet. so far malaysia still free from birds flu since last year. hopefully it is going to be fine.

  January 2005:
I have put up the nest box for my cockatiel. As of end of January 2005, 2 pair have laid their eggs. I think I may get more baby this year and may able to fulfill most of the demand. Just keep check out the announcement about the baby available. I think by April 2005 the baby will be weaned and ready to go to their good home.

Some of the article in this site also have been update. If you read through and found any error, do not hesitate to drop me some email therefore I can make the necessary adjustment.

 I also found that some of my sugar glider have baby in their 'pocket', hopefully the healthy baby will emerge soon. 

I also have put up nest box for my Eclectus Parrot. After many fail attempt hopefully this time I able to breed them. 

  December 2004:
There were some error which shut down my website for about 7 days. I have take this opportunity to update my website and also change my hosting provider. Now, the site is up and 'the business will be as usual"

I lost all email address, previous email and my waiting list due to the error that happen. If anyone interested to buy my cockatiel or you have contact me previously, I will need you to email me again to be added in my list or address book.

I will change my pricing structure of my cockatiel for sale for season 2005. However, the price will not effect the 'waiting list'. Therefore, please contact me back for this special offer.

 November 2004:
I just bought 20 more cockatiel for my breeding program in year 2005. I hope they will settle down soon and I can pair them up for year 2005 breeding season. If all go fine, I think I will able to full fill all the demand from the market.

On 3 November 2004,  blood sample and facet sample of my birds is taken by my friend from UPM (University Putra Malaysia) to check against any disease possibilities. Therefore later if you want to buy a baby cockatiel or other birds from me you can have peace of mind that your new family member is coming from good source and free from any dangerous disease.

 There will be a conference regarding wildlife in this December. this conference is conduct by MAZPA. Do visit their website for more information: http://www.mazpa.org.my





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