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Link : Cockatiel information, sexing, grooming, parrot, pet birds, aviaries, books and more...

Most of this site is related to pet birds, and I found that all of them is very useful for me as a reference. They provide many information that I learn to care about my pet cockatiel. You could visit them for more information. I will add the list from time to time, therefore keep visit this page for more information.


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This company provide DNA sexing service and also sell some avian related device.

This This site link to lots of site which provide information about birds and pet birds.

The site that stress about grooming pet. However, got many information about birds also..

The site link to many other site about pet birds. You can found art, book, breeder, classified, club, dealer, supplies and other link regarding birds..

Harmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets
- Laugh, learn, share, and explore at this award-winning site. Pet care library for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, pet loss support resources, postcards, classified ads, fun, games, contests and cool stuff all from this AAHA-accredited animal hospital.
  It is said that this site is the largest birds related Link Directory. you can check it out for any information about birds.

Parrot Pages
  This Site provide lots of information about pet birds. They have more than 2700 link on their site.
  This Site is a pets related Books. You can this page if you need any books related to pets. It is not only about Cockatiel Book but for other type of pets also.

Just for the birdz
Useful information about the breeding and diet of birds including lovebirds, blackmasked lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels, senegal parrots, zebra finches, parrotlets...

Rob Harvey Zoological Supplies - specialists foods and products for zoos, aviculturists and exotic pet keepers - UK

Pets resources - directory of Pets related websites.

GardenHere: A great place to begin exchanging free plants and flowers to decorate your avairy. This is a friendly home gardening site for home gardeners and local gardening clubs.

Wildlife Art Prints and Posters
Featuring wildlife art prints of leading United Kingdom Artists:
Nicholas Day Wildlife art books, framed prints and posters.
Visit our online gallery - one of the best cockatiel site in the net




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