Cockatiel and the Malaysian Law

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Do you need to have a license to keep Cockatiel ?

  Keeping pet bird cockatiel as your pet may different from some other pet animals or pet birds. In Malaysia, Cockatiel is not consider 'protected animals' therefore we didn't need to have any license or permit to keep them. 

    Any animals or birds which is listed in the schedule of this act is either totally protected animals / birds or protected animals / birds. Protected Animals / birds will require a license/permit to keep them by individual house hold. While totally protected animals/ birds, as I know no permit or license is given to individual household, but from time to time "Minister" is able to issue a special permit for eligible individual.

    If you are a Malaysian and would like to know more about wildlife or Animals in Malaysia in the law perspective, I have prepare a copy of Wildlife Act for you. However, I only have a Malay copy.

 Note: Please keep in mind that this file below is big and might slow in loading to your browser. In each schedule, there were hundreds of animals listed there which include Malays and their scientific name.


 Malaysia Wild life Act 1972

 Schedule One : List of totally protected animals in Malaysia

 Schedule Two : List of protected animals in Malaysia

 Schedule three : List of totally protected birds

 Schedule four : List of protected wild birds 

 Schedule five : List of protected insects

 schedule six : Standard of maturity

 schedule seven : Poisons

 Schedule eight : Warrant to search 

 Schedule nine : Warrant of arrest




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