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In order to make our birds stay with us happily and longer, we need to know or able to spot any health problem that may happen.  Pet birds is somehow is very delicate and sometimes some mistake might able to kill them. I found some good indication that we as the birds owner  can use as a guidelines to always monitor and check whether our birds is in good health or not.


Lazy or inactive: Normally pet birds especially cockatiel is very active and lively. If you found that your pet cockatiel is somehow lack of energy or didnít active as everyday, most probably there were something wrong somewhere. Observe this and if you didnít feel comfortable with it, I suggest you to bring the cockatiel to Vet immediately.

Untidy feather: Cockatiel ( and most birds) is a tidy birds and always preen their feather.  If you found that your cockatiel didnít tidy up his feather or if he didnít groom his feather as he always do, this may indicate that he is not feeling well.

Fluff up feather: I assume that you have keep you cockatiel at home and didnít  make any major changes in his environment (i.e. put up new air conditioner etc). If everything is normal, but you saw your cockatiel have fluff yo feather ( birds will do this if they feel cold), you can suspect that your birds is sick and may need your help to bring him to vet.

Strange feather growth: This problem is actually can not be seen immediately, but if you somehow found out that your cockatiel have abnormal feather growth compared to your friendís cockatiel, do check or ask for opinion from more experience birds keeper or vet.

Dropping that is too wet: You should recognize or always observe your cockatiel dropping. Normal dropping will be wet and not smelly. If you found that your cockatiel only discharge water with minimal facet, this may related to the food that your provide or your cockatiel health.

Vomiting: I havenít seem my cockatiel vomiting (well, my cockatiel is always in healthy condition J), but I read somewhere that these birds may vomit if there are sick. Therefore, do observe any sign of vomiting and if you think that is serious, bring him to vet immediately.

Have some discharge: Normal healthy cockatiel will have clean nostril, eyes, ear or beak. If you found that your cockatiel have some discharge for example got some discharge from their nose, this indicate that they are sick.

Sit at the bottom of the cage: Cockatiel do, and normally crawl at the bottom of the cage or aviary. However, they will not sat there or Ďsleepí there. If you see this behaviour, pls be careful as it indicate that your cockatiel is sickÖsometimes very sick.

Untidy or dirty vent: A healthy cockatiel or other birds will have clean vent. There should be no dropping stuck at the vent or feather around the vent and the tail. If this happen, bring them to vet for a check as there is something wrong with them (even if they still take food)

Strange sound when breathing: a healthy birds will not have any sound when they are breathing. If they do, there must be something wrong with their nasal system and they may need help from a vet. I also found that cockatiel sneeze. If your cockatiel is always sneezing, they might get cold and need some help.

Tail assist- breathing: In normal condition, cockatiel will able to breath without Ďmovingí their tail Ė up and down. They do this sometime if they are very tired- maybe due to long flight etc. If you observe this moving in normal position. You might have to keep and eye with him. However, do not misunderstood this with a cockatiel that is frighthen or nervous.

Strong odor from the birds or from the dropping: Normally a female birds will have smellier and bigger dropping if they are in breeding condition (when they lay eggs or incubate the eggs).  If in normal condition and you still found it happen, do check out some advise from vet.

If they have sour eyes or any other body part: seek advice from vet if you found this happen.

Anything that you feel didnít right: sometimes you can just follow your instinct. If you feel that your cockatiel is not really who he use to be, there might be something wrong somewhere, even there are no specific physical sign. Do discuss with some other birds keeper who is more experience or the vet about your feeling. They might able to help you on this.

 I hope this simple guidelines can help you to maintain the health of your cockatiel. A healthy cockatiel will become a happy pet and in stay with us longer. Good luck.


       I hope this section can help or assist you in some way to understand you Cockatiel better. There are lot of Books that elaborate Cockatiel behavior in detail. Check out some great book about Pet Cockatiel here or at


Cockatiel Books and Video Tapes from Avian Publications

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein

Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition) by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop


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