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Fats and oils

Most cockatiel get fats and oils from two main source. One of them is from fats that contain in seed. For your information; sunflower contain lots of fat. If you provide only sunflower to you cockatiel or even other species of seed eating parrot, in the long run it is very bad for the health of the cockatiel or the birds. There were lots of decease that came along and your bird may not lice up to average lifespan of other birds in the same species.

One more primary source for fat and oils is from carbohydrates that is converted into fat by cockatiel body. This type of food is included corn. (you can check out carbohydrate section for more)

As I mention earlier, too much fat and oil will be harmful to the bird, however this nutrition also important to our pet cockatiel and they should received adequate source of fat and oil to maintain their good health. This is because fat and oil will help the bird body warm (really help during cold season or if you live in cold place). Fat also can provide energy to the cockatiel.

For excessive fat, of course there are lots of bad impact, one of them is that the birds that is too fat will not become a good breeder. Even if the female bird cockatiel lay eggs, normally the egg is not fertile. Regarding this point, I would like to point it out here that when or if you would like to choose sexing method for your cockatiel or any other parrot, if you choose surgical method (refer to cockatiel sexing for more detail of sexing birds) you will be able to know about this. The Vet also will able to know or to see if the female is too fat to be a good breeder. And if they don't because of too fat, you may wish to change their diets if you want to breed your birds with better result and healthy chick.

Okay, I think I have go too much off topic, we will come back to one more danger if the cockatiel is too fat (or in other word if the owner give too much fat and oily food to the bird). When the cockatiel have too much fat, normally the bird's stomach will not working properly and this will make their intestines do most of the "job"

However, it is still fortunate that only few food that contain high percentage of fat, many other contain only few percentage of fat. The seed that contain high percentage of fat is sunflower seed which contain approximately 28 percent of fat! 





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