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Give a chance to your pet Cockatiel to Exercise.


We should allow (we must actually) our pet Cockatiel to go out from their cage and exercise sometime (say once everyday). This is to make sure Pet Cockatiel is healthy and can maintain healthy for very long time. This is essential if we house our pet cockatiel in a small cage. 

Tame pet cockatiel should be allowed to fly around the room when we able to monitor them. Flying can tighten their muscle which will make them feel better if this is dome everyday. Cockatiel that have the chance to fly also will become more strong and fit. 

From my experience with my Cockatiel, I didn’t find any trouble letting them out of the cage. My tame pet cockatiel seem not really want to fly. Even if they fly, they only fly to me…because I didn’t wait for them. 

When I sit down with them they will only walk. However, I think this will only apply to tame pet cockatiel from hand-fed chick only. Therefore, I think if your cockatiel is tame, their exercise session can be exiting and you also may eager to wait for this session. It may not same as “exercise” that you think… For me, I think this session is my good time and I always looking forward it because it is a way of releasing my stress after whole day working in the office.

However, if your cockatiel is not very tame, you might want to clip their wings. I would like to advise that you ask someone that have experience in this or you may ask your vet to do it for you. 

In addition to clipping wings, you also should provide bigger cage for your pet cockatiel. Since pet cockatiel that not tame is quite difficult to handle (before you use to them or they use to you). The bigger the cage, the better. Bigger cage will make your job easier.



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22 December 2003

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