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. Do Cockatiel fit you way of life?



            Keeping pet Cockatiel or any pet birds required lots of consideration. It is not only cost you money, lots of money, but you also must remember that keeping some pet birds like Cockatiel is a long term commitment. Cockatiel can live up to 20 years with good care.

            There are also some additional aspects that a worth considering in advance. Check your life style carefully and be sure to discuss these points with your family or spouse:



        Cockatiel are messy. If the cage is in the house, water maybe splash around, with seed husk, loose feathers and other detritus. Can you prepare to confront this issue everyday, cleans them up everyday for the next 20 years of life?

       Cockatiel is not very tidy (they clean up their body everyday, but not the messed that they do!). This will require you to clean the food and water dishes everyday. The cage also have to be clean regularly.

       Are you willing to collect fresh twigs of trees regularly so that your pet Cockatiel can have fresh treat to munch?

       Are you prepared to provide you bird with fresh food and drink everyday including weekend and public holiday. And it is preferably the same time each day.

       Is there anybody you can rely on to look after your birds if you have to take vacation or if you sick?

       Is there any avian veterinarian around or do you know any of them? This is very important as it might be too late when you wait until the problem arise.

       Are you renting and apartment or a house or do your house fits to keep a pet birds. Do you apartment have enough space to house your pet Cockatiel? They also need some space to live.

       If you rent the house or apartment, do you land lord know that you keep a pets birds and do he allowed?

       Cockatiel can be loud sometimes, can you neighbor accept this situation? How about house mate?



Cockatiel Books and Video Tapes from Avian Publications

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein

Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition) by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop

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