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Cockatiel Mutation : Some Colour of Cockatiel


1. Cinnamon

      This colour is believed to origin in Belgium by aviculturist around Europe (excluding Britain). This type of variation can be differ between each individual birds, which may resulted from their location. Some may have darker or lighter colour even in the same category. And this category also can be divided into 3 sub category which is Dilute Cinnamon Pied, Pearl (lacewing) cinnamon and primrose Pearl (lace wing) cinnamon.

 2. Dominant Silver

      This colour is believed to origin in England around year 1979. For this colour normally the male will have darker colour. However in some case, the female may also have dark colour than normal female. Their eye and feet is back.

 3. Lutino

       The Lutino Cockatiel will have yellowish colour. Their leg and eye are light reddish in colour. Their tail will be more yellowish compared to other part of the body.

 4. Albino

      This colour is occured from pairing up white face colour with Lutino. Albino Cockatiel didnít have colour pigment, therefore their face didnít have the orange, reddish colour as other type of Cockatiel. Their eye is red and is believed to occurred in Germany for the first time is around year 1960.

 5. Pied

      Pied Cockatiel may have different colour in the same feather or between the plumage all over their body. It is believed to occurred in California since year 1949. cockatiel in this colour is somehow difficult to recognize their sex by observing their colour. Therefore the keeper normally distinguish the sex from their whistle. Pied Cockatiel ban be divide into four other subcategory that is:

       Pearl Pied ; the colour may look significant at their head and neck which look more yellowish.

       Primrose Pied ; Cockatiel with yellowish colour pied.

       Cinnamon Pied ; Cockatiel with cinnamon colour

       White-faced Pied.

 6. Normal gray

        This is the original colour of Cockatiel. The wild Cockatiel in Australia will have this colour.

 7. White-faced

       This colour is believed to origin in Holland year 1969-1978 and is bring to Germany and England. 

8. Pearl

     This colour is believed to origin from Germany around year 1967.

 9. Other colour

        Since Cockatiel has been keep by people all around the world. New colour or mutation may incurred.


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Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition) by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop





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