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Pet cockatiel or any other pet birds, sometimes can get sick. Some of them will less frequent and some of them will be more frequent. This is depend on the environment of the avairy or the cage, the food that we supply to the cockatiel and the cockatiel cleanliness.  If we provide good care to our pet cockatiel, I believed our cockatiel will be very healthy and less likely that they will get sick. If our cockatiel get sick, it will not so frequent and I am sure it is not critical.

There are lots of reason our cockatiel can get sick. Some of them is because the cockatiel is exposed to some kind of virus or bacteria, some cockatiel may get sick because of accident and some cockatiel may get sick from unhealthy or food poisoning. Whatever reason it may be, we should make sure that if our cockatiel get sick we will give them the best treatment that we can afford. This can help our cockatiel have a good, healthy and long life. If we give good care to our cockatiel, I am sure they will pay us by becoming a very good pet birds.

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