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Why my Cockatiel ?

       Here is some reason which you could consider to buy Cockatiel from me (if You are in Malaysia):

     I love birds, I will give more attention to my individual birds. Each of my Cockatiel will be band and each of them is different. Yes, each birds is different. I have a particular Cockatiel from year 2003 offspring that love to whistle. He is a white Cockatiel. He able to mimic many birds song. Since I bring him back to Kedah and he live in a village, he able to hear many birds and he try to copy them!

       I breed Cockatiel in small scale. Currently, I have only few female that lay eggs. Therefore, I can give attention to them and each of the baby. You can ensure that you have the Cockatiel that best suite your need. You can choose whether you want a very tame birds that like to play with you or a birds that love to whistle etc.

       I will take care if the cockatiel for you when you are outstation. I understand that you may have to "go away" every now and then to meet your personal need. That shouldn't be any problem for Cockatiel that you buy from me. I will take care of them until you come back. You can send them for me before you go away. However, food and cage must be provide by you.

       I able to deliver the Cockatiel for you, to your house! It is very personalized service. You can have the personalized information about the particular Cockatiel from the person that know them from the time they hatch! I think it is very valuable as it will help you care and know your Cockatiel better.
      You will have to back up if there is anything happen. I am sure that this is not very easy to find, especially in Malaysia. Well, just like you, I am a customer before!!! And that is why I become a breeder! You can just call me if you feel that your birds may have problem or if something is not right.

      I handfed my cockatiel. You can have peace of mind that you will have tame cockatiel for your pet which will not bite you each time you try to touch him. I observe that not many pet shop in Malaysia that have handfed cockatiel for sale. 

      Last but not least, You can have an Option to buy directly from breeder... not via some thirds party who only interested in your money but didn't know whether the birds is suitable for you or not...




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