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  There are lots of place where you can buy your pets. You can choose to buy from a breeder, a pets shop or a whole seller (who is normally the importer). There are many pro and cons for each source and this are also base on the purpose of the purchaser.


Pet shop

Pet shop is the most common source of pets. They are no different from other retail shop but only the goods that they trade. Normally pets shop will supply not just pets but also accessories of the pets that they sell. A pet’s shop that sells dogs or cats normally will also have dogs and cats accessories such as leash, bell. Food bowl, carrier cage and most importantly the dogs and cats food. This will be the same cases if the pets shops sell birds. They will normally sell many type of bird’s accessories and birds food. 

Sometimes pets owner have to rely solely to the pets shop as the only source for their pets and pets food. For example in Malaysia, many pets birds owner have to rely on the pets shop in their neighborhood to buy the sunflower seed, canary seeds and millets. Pets shop also sells many pets’ vitamins and sometimes health product or medicine for pets.

 In many countries or place, pets shop also is the only one source that you can buy your pets. If this is your case, it seem like you don’t have many choices but to buy from the shops only.

 There are many advantages of pets and there are varieties of pets that you can buy from a pets shop. However, there are the other sides of pets shop that we must aware of. Learn about their weaknesses will help you to see better picture and will help you to choose the best pets that suite your needs.

 One of the weaknesses of pets shop is they normally don’t specialize. The main purpose of a business is surely to make money. They normally will have product or pets that can sell out fastest or the product that can give them good margin. This is the reason why we unable to buy many species or product from the normal pets shop. While making money is not wrong (and I believed that everyone have to earn to live) sometimes it will lead to insufficient attention to the pets or animals.

Normally pets shop will only sell pets but they didn’t have access to many important information that the prospective pets owner should know. Some of the example of the information that we as a pets owner should know is parentage information, previous health problem, the specific behavior (if any), their favorite food and the age.

 A professional in any species also normally does not run pets shop. There is few pets shop which is run and owned by professional veterinary or breeder. I bring out this point because without enough knowledge in the species of the animals, the shopkeeper will not able to give a good advice to the prospective buyer. Therefore, the pets will have sad ending, unless the owner is actively seeking more information elsewhere.

 Due to space limitation, many pets shop will keep the animals in small enclosure, which will lead the animals to change their behavior and didn’t show their ‘true self’ to the prospect buyer. This problem will lead to dissatisfaction and frustration of both the new owner and the animals in later day. Animals which is not healthy also sometime didn’t show their sickness in the pet shop which will lead novice to believed that he have choose a healthy companion.



As in pet shop, buying from a breeder will also have their pros and cons. I will list down the pro and the cons of the breeder and you can compared and decide whether which source most suite your need.

 One of the advantage of breeder is he is somehow know more information especially about the species that he breed. Keeping birds or animals as pets is totally different from breeding the animals. Normally animals especially birds will only breed when there are correct environment and diet, therefore a breeder will understand more about the animals needs before they able to breed them. A good breeder also normally will have some tame pets animals in their possession. This will help them understand more about the animals that he keep. This can translate to a good reference for you as a prospective pets owner.

 Normally breeder will have better quality of pets. Some of the breeder choose their stock very carefully and normally the breeder have variety of mutation of the birds (if it is a pet birds case). Therefore, if you buy from a reputable breeder, you normally will get a better quality and healthier pets. Some of the breeder also will always check their stock against any deceased and will ensure that their stock are free from dangerous deceased.

 Breeder normally love the animals that they breed, therefore they will give good care to their animals. This will make an animal that is obtain from a good breeder normally can become a better pet.

 Buying from breeder also can give peace of mind about the animals history. Buying a baby animal from a reputable breeder will ensure that the stock is ‘breed in captivity’ and is not taken from wild. Taking baby animals from wild somehow is not good because it might contribute to extinction.

 A good breeder normally have pretty good collection, they normally more specialized based on their favorite animals. For example, a bird breeder normally keep birds or mostly birds while mammals breeder will have more mammals. Therefore, if we choose to buy from breeder, normally we have the privilege to choose…and I mean choose from variety f quality stock. The breeder also normally can tailor with what you need and can advice you which individual animal that best suit your need.

 Breeder also normally more flexible in business hours. There are lots of breeder out there who only breed animal part time or as their hobby. They will able to help you out if you unable to visit the pet shop to buy the animal that you want in the normal ‘business hour’. Some of the breeder also may operate during weekend and normally the buyer will able to negotiate about the time of the transaction. However this is not all the case and some breeder is not that flexible. Well, you may have to do a little homework about the breeder before you decide to buy from him.

 To conclude, there are advantage and disadvantage of either breeder or pet shop/retailer or whole seller. The most important thing is you should choose from a reputable and clean shop/breeder which keep their animal in friendly environment. The brief idea and information that is provided here is hopefully can give you some guideline where should you buy the pets. One more important point that I want to stress here is that you should buy from the place that best suit your requirement.

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