Bird Breeders List

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Bird Breeders List

Here is some of the bird breeders that I found in the internet. Not all of the list will breed Cockatiels, however I am sure that they breed lovely birds. You could visit them for more information. I will add the list from time to time, therefore keep visit this page for more information.

===== Malaysia Farm/Breeders =====

Mr.Oh Siong Lai
 A birds breeder in Terengganu. He specializing in Peafowl and other game birds.
His address:
Tel/fax: 09-6817358
An Animal farm in Penang. They breed many species of birds and also some other exotic pets.


Ophir Nature Vision (still no website; detail as below)
Contact: Razee Mazlan
Address: Paya Redan,Tiang Dua 75460 Melaka, Malaysia 
Fax: 603-56324458 
Cell Phone: 6019-3956422 
Web Site: n.a.
Shipping: we do all paper works needed except clearance for your airport 40% payment on booking 100% payment before animals are shipped 
Comments: we are a breeding farm specializing in parrots, and pheasants.
Birds offered: (Alexandrine Parakeet) (Cockatiel) (Dove) (Duck) (Emu) (Finch) (Hanging Parrot) (Hornbill) (Lorikeet) (Lory) (Lovebird) (Macaw) (Mynah) (Ostrich) (Parakeet) (Pheasant) (Pigeon) (Plum-headed Parakeet) (Ringneck Parakeet) (Senegal Parrot) (Starling) (Stork) (Swan)

===== Thailand =====

PNP Farm
Thailand Cockatiel Breeder. They have upgrade their site to be an interactive site. This farm also breed Lovebird. They breed many colour mutation, Cockatiel enthusiast .definitely should check this out.



===== International* =====

Avian Companion
Breeder of Special Cockatoos with Species Descriptions, Videos, Sounds, Photographs, Training, Humor and Stories, Links and Home of the All Cockatoo

Breeder in Europe. Has great site, just check out his site.

Just Cockatiel
Breeder of quality cockatiel in Florida  



 ========= Other Bird breeders list =========

Breeder of Cockatiels and Parrotlets ...  
Home Bred - Hand Raised in a loving clean Environment. Pictures of Babies, and what is currently Available.

Cockatiel Corner...
Cockatiels,Pets, Showbirds,Cockatiel Breeder in Indiana....
Head over Tiels...
Breeder of cockatiels in Raleigh North Carolina. Handfed tame babies available year round. All colors and mutations....
Welcome to North Carolina Bird Coop...
Welcome to North Carolina Bird Coop 01 23 03 We're located 25 miles SE of Raleigh and are breeders of wonderful cockatiels in North Carolina.  These birds are excellent companions, very easily tamed ...
Cockatiel Castle...
Nan's Tiels Welcome  and come into our home of beautiful cockatiels.  We breed mostly rare mutation cockatiels, and enjoy just watching them feather - it's kind of like Christmas all year just waitin...
Breeder of Cockatiels and Parrotlets ...
Home Bred - Hand Raised in a loving clean Environment. Pictures of Babies, and what is currently Available. ...



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Books and Pet information

 Avian publication   
  Most recommend source for books and other information regarding Avian. (birds). Books range from basic caring to complicated Avian Veterinary     
  Well known for the biggest source of book online. Lots of book about pet birds and other topic about pets




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