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Bird watering – automatic bird watering system for cockatiel


Water is very important for birds (well, actually it is for all living things). When we keep birds, providing a good and clean water supply is vital. Fail to do this will affect the health of our birds and many other problem may follow. Each bird keeper will have or use different method to provide water supply to their pets/aviary birds. Most will use water bottles for their birds, while some may use the normal food container. Some other may even choose to use bird water fountain.

Since I have been keeping birds for many years (well, since early 1980) I have try many method to provide the water source for my birds. Before year 2000 I use the food container to put the water for them, later in year 2000 onwards I start to use the water bottles. In my opinion, using water bottles is better because less dropping will fall into the water sources. Having said that, I think it is still best to change the water daily or as frequent as possible (maybe once every two days) in case we have tight schedule. This is to make sure that our birds will have access to clean water all the times.

Recently I realized that bird keeper have more choices, which is the ‘automatic bird watering system’. This system available since many years back, however, for me, the idea to use the automatic watering system is just recent… I actually cannot remember what trigger me to check it out.

When I decide to use automatic watering system the birds in my collection, I actually check out many system. First thing come to my mind is the one that use cup with water pipe link to it… in fact I saw this system in action in one of a pets shop when I travel around (I like checking out pets shop when I travel around). Then, when I check out some other system from internet, I found few others like the one that let some water drop to a plate that attach to the system (this one is normally used by chicken rearer). There are many other automatic watering system available after I search in the internet for few weeks, it is an eye opener for me.

Finally after check out many automatic watering systems, I have decided to try the Edstrom animal watering system. There are many product from this company and the one that I choose is the Edstrom  Vari-flo valve. Since it is not available nearby my location I only able to order the valve online. (well, nowadays it is more convenience since we can order almost everything online)
In my personal opinion, while we should not immediately jump into anything new (latest technology), but  if the new invention can last a while (proven that it work), then it is good to use it… in my case, at the very least, this system can make sure that my birds will have supply of fresh and uncontaminated water all the times and the water supply can last very long (can be as long as the water that is supplied to my house – if I link the source directly from the pipe)

(the settings of the Edstrom vari-flo valve)

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