Arrival of New Cockatiel 

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      Arrival of new cockatiel


Arrival of new cockatiel to become one of our family is very interesting and  a moment worth waiting for. I have meet many people who havenít had any experience with pet birds or keeping pet birds. They are very exciting to wait for their first cockatiel to come home.


Here is some recommendation about what we can prepared for him.

Cage and housing

Before the birds arrive, we should have the cage ready. The measurement and the assories of the cage is important also whereby it should not too small for our cockatiel.  You can check out more detail information about cage in the cage article.  The cage must be cleaned prior to the cockatiel arrival therefore when he arrived, he can have some rest in his new home.

When we clean the cage we must make sure there were no soap (if in case we use soap) left behind which later can harm our cockatiel. After cleaning, the cage also should be dry before we put the cockatiel in. Therefore, for this purpose if someone send the cockatiel for us, we can check out the estimated time of the cockatiel.  When we know the estimated time of arrival,  make necessary action and make sure that cage is ready by the time. If you go to take the cockatiel, it is easier because you will have more control over the time and you can go and pick up the cockatiel only after everything is ready.


Where to put the cage

We can check with the breeder about the information of the cockatiel. If our cockatiel is used to people we can actually put them in our living room which they can observe his new home since day one. This will encourage them to develop bonding with the new family faster. However, this is also depend on the condition of the cockatiel. Sometimes if the travel is long and take time the cockatiel may be exhousted. If this is the case, we can either cover the cage with a sheet of cloth or put the cage in calmer environment.



Provide variey of food to our new cockatiel. Ask the breeder or the seller regarding their favorite food (if any) and all information regarding their previous food. Some of the information that we should ask is regarding the food that is given to him previously, and what type food that he will take. Normally we will have the food ready even before the cockatiel arrived. If we buy from pet shop, we may want to buy some food from the shop along when we bring the birds back. If we buy from breeder, we may ask some sample of the food so the cockatiel will not starve when it come to our house.

If the breeder willing to send the birds to our house, it is very good because the breeder or the seller will able to give more advise or recommendation to us about the food that we have, the food container (food bowl) and the location of the food bowl.





4 July 2016

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