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  Here is also some Question that can test whether cockatiel is suitable for you, or you may have to change your plan.

1. Is pet birds suitable for you? (are you love birds ?)

2. Do you know that Cockatiel is a birds that is intelligent, loyal and sociable? They should be house in pair (at least 2 bird can be same sex) if you don’t have time for him. This is because Cockatiel that is leave alone in long time can feel bored and may start to have problem (physically and mentally)

3. Cockatiel shouldn’t be leave alone without any contact with other people or other animal more than 8 hours daily.

4. Is there anybody in your family or in your house that can look after birds when you “out station”.

5. If you have to leave him alone, you should able to provide the housing (or cage) that enable Cockatiel to observe interesting surrounding (she should able to see any activity that can entertain her).

6. Do you have time to clean the cage daily? Are you willing to be patient and clean the mess from their dropping and food left over? Everyday?

7. Are you the type of person which like to stay at home during free time or prefer to hang out with your friend some where else? If you fall into the second category, are you willing to sacrifice some of your time to the birds?

8. Do you still love your Cockatiel is she unable to talk or not up to the level that you expect (the ability of each individual bird is different).

9. Cockatiel need love and attention from the owner. If she didn’t have the attention that she need and is left alone, she may get sick.

   I hope this question didn't turn you away from keeping pet Cockatiel, this is because actually the question is also apply if you consider to have a pets birds or maybe many type of pets. And don't worry because as the question may look tough, but the answer is sometime very simple and when it become routine, you will find it very easy to do. If you are a Malaysian, you can call me for some advise. I am not an expert but I will try my best to assist you. If you are far (or any part of the world), you can contact my via email. However, there are lots of information that you can learn from many books as in right hand side (you could click on it and have a look about what books are available and suitable for you. You also can search in the internet for many information about Cockatiel.



04 July 2016

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