Raising and breeding quail

Quail - The several genera of mid-sized birds in the pheasant family Phasianidae, or in the family Odontophoridae. Discuss about them here.
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Raising and breeding quail

Postby Tanin » Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:01 pm

I found a good article on breeding and raising quail in the net... for quail lover, I think it is useful.

Quail Raising And Marketing:

Raising Button Quail
Hatching Quail Eggs & Brooding Chicks

In The Magazine For Quail Raisersquail

with Jodi McDonald, Bracken Ridge Ranch

& photos by Bruce & Jodi McDonald

(This article by Jodi McDonald is an example of the detailed and authoritative information you will find in the quail and Game Bird Breeders Gazette magazine on how to raise, market, and ship quail and quail eggs. Each issue of the magazine contains detailed "how to" articles on raising quail of all breeds and types. Feeding quail, housing quail, how to hatch quail eggs, brooding quail, marketing quail eggs, quail eggs for sale, etc. In addition to articles and news on raising quail, you'll find amazing close-up pictures of the different breeds or types of quail, pens, incubators, brooders, and thousands of quail and quail eggs for sale. All of the popular species and breeds are covered, including button quail, bobwhite quail (on cover at right), coturnix (African coturnix quail on cover lower left), California Valley quail, Scaled quail, Mearns quail, Benson, Gambel's, and more! The next issue is scheduled to be published next week!

We have been raising various types of quail and other birds for the past twenty years. About three years ago, we decided to retire and find some much needed rest. Little did we know that once you have had the experience of sharing life with the button quail and other birds, you can never be happy doing anything else.

After only six months of not being tied down by feathered friends, we were given an elderly pair of button quail. The owners of the quail were moving and couldn't take them across country with them. Shortly after the pair of buttons came to live with us, we lost the hen quail. We searched high and low to find a new companion for the lonely male. Our usual sources had no button quail for sale, so we put an ad in the newspaper. We got a response from a breeder who had several of them that she wanted to place in a good home. So instead of one, we adopted nine quail! Pretty soon we decided to incubate a few quail eggs, and before we knew it, we had once again taken the bait, hook line and sinker.quail eggs Today, we are once again raising button quail, a few ringneck pheasants, chukar, turkeys, several breeds of chickens, and a barnyard assortment of ducks. All just goes to prove, Harlequin Quailyou can never retire from something you really love.

At Bracken Ranch (named for the abundant Bracken Fern that grow here), we are a small "Mom and Pop" operation, and run our ranch more for enjoyment than for profit. There is no thrill in life greater than witnessing a new chick come into this world. It never becomes mundane or routine with us.

The Button Quail -- Excalfactoria chinensis, is a delightful little bird commonly known as button quail or Chinese Painted Quail. Most often they are used as micro janitors in the bottoms of aviaries, where they do a good job of cleaning up seeds that other birds leave behind. These quail are also used widely by commercial butterfly breeders and in green houses, where they help keep insect and spider populations under control.

In their natural habitat, the quail are found only in China, but have found their way into the homes and hearts of people in most every country in the world. more
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Re: Raising and breeding quail

Postby whassan1 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:46 am

Oh I love button quails.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: the sudden emergence from the grass at your feet...the fluttering sound of their wings..the chase.. the spirit to try and survive.. quite fiesty little fella's they are :wink: :twisted:
May you feel the wind under your wings

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