Avian Flu

Zoonotic Diseases are diseases caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans.

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Avian Flu

Postby Tanin » Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:53 am

Recently I attend a health talk and there are section about bird flu. There are some interesting information which I would like to share with you all about it. Some information are new to me which I didn’t really realize about it….

First of all, the method that the virus transfer from the bird/avian to human. Based on the doctor, there are 3 possibilities for this to happen:
1) Air
As other flu, the avian flu might possible to be transmit via air. For example, if the area have the virus – eg in a chicken and the chicken have dropping which contain the virus, when the dropping is dry and there are wind, it is possible that the wind will transfer the virus to human nearby. The speaker mention that this might be possible because for other flu virus, it can transfer via this method from one person to another person.

2)Direct contact
Direct contact is one more possibilities that the virus can transfer to human. Direct contact here mean someone touch the host f the virus (might be chicken, birds, animals, chicken part, eggs, dropping and etc etc … it can be anything) then he somehow touch his nose or mouth which make the virus enter his body. While we may not realize this, but normally we will touch our nose or mouth once a while without cleaning the hand first. He actually explain further that this might not only happen in the farm which live animals is kept, but also to the food. For example, if we cut chicken to cook, and while cutting it, we happen to touch our nose (assume that the chicken or their meat is infected with the flu virus) then the virus can transfer to our body.

This is one of the things which never come across my mind previously. The speaker mention that it is possible. His argument is based on the fact that many bird especially water bird will drop their dropping into water that they stay. If the bird or avian have bird flu virus, automatically the water that he use to stay will infected with the virus which if someone (human) have contact with the polluted water, he/she will be able to get the flu virus.
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