I am rearing white headed pigeon.

Pigeon is one of the bird that many people like to keep. Many of them especially the fancy pigeon and racing pigeon have lots of fan all around the world.
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I am rearing white headed pigeon.

Postby yeti » Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:22 am

Good morning bird lovers how you all doing. Well, it's been five years that I have been keeping bird at my home. Within the period I guess I changed six birds. Now I do have a white headed pigeon at my home it's a sweet among all others that I have reared at my home. But it's been a kind of trend or has just become like a fashion to have a different bird at home so that I want to keep eclectus parrot at my home. But I have listen that it is one of the hardest birds to rare at home. Is this a truth? If it is, then what else do you suggest me to rear? I would be pleased if you could write a reply for me.

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