its happened again

Pigeon is one of the bird that many people like to keep. Many of them especially the fancy pigeon and racing pigeon have lots of fan all around the world.
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its happened again

Postby micko » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:59 pm

I was lucky enough to be this years pigeon show in Blackpool England its the biggest pigeon show in Ireland or Britain I was having a great time I was very sore pain wise at nights and couldn't go out with the lads from Dublin I travelled with but I had told the lads up front I was there for the show and hopefully they all understood but I was in great form until this morning that is
well this is the seen that greeted me last Wednesday morning (see pics) I got up to collect jack and bring him to nursery school came home about 9.15 and went to put the kettle on my 2 legged thieves were back again 10 birds stolen AGAIN I'm just gutted checked the security cameras last night there was gale force winds and heavy rain 3.30 this morning they broke in hoods on there hoodies pulled right up above the nose I phoned the cops what a waste of MY TIME all the help they could give
is your house insured Mr O Neill
well there's a crime number for you to claim of your house insurance
I felt like hitting him a dig
I collected jack at 1.30 from school and to be honest I just bought him straight to his own house I don't want him seeing that again 2 new fantails given to jack at the Blackpool show and I only got it for jack on Sunday is this going to stop jack having fantails not in a million years I'll put up more security and restock I know compared to hundreds and thousands of pounds/dollars being spent on bird some my think well its only fantails but heres the thing is they belong to my jack and nadine ahhhh I'm just gutted to be honest I just went back to bed after the cops left then that night I had a think about it and no way were there's scumbags going to spoil jack, nadines and my enjoyment so next morning I bought 3 mortice dead locks 2 on the main door 1 to be fitted yet on the inside metal grill fixed the aviary changed the inside perches fitted barbwire to the gates each end of the entry at the back of the house put grease on the gates also and grease on the back wall 2 day/night cameras and a baby monitor in the loft and at the side of the bed and I've told the wife if it happens again I don't give a feck im putting up an electric fencer mick
all of you were very kind in helping jack with his ring collecting so I have opened an account on Photobucket so please have a look and if you like leave a comment I send photo to let you all see how jack is growing with his fantails
ps jack also collects pigeon rings at this minute we have NONE from your country can you help PLEASE :oops:

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