please help an Irish pigeon fancier

Pigeon is one of the bird that many people like to keep. Many of them especially the fancy pigeon and racing pigeon have lots of fan all around the world.
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please help an Irish pigeon fancier

Postby micko » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:07 am

hi my name is michael o neill I live in Belfast Ireland after breaking my spine 10 years ago and now I'm unable to work 2 years ago I had my first grandchild jack after visiting a friend (Bill) jack was bough out to see bill's homers jack loved the birds my friend bill suggested I get a small loft build for jack and myself as an interest for us both I said how can you tell a child to keep looking in the sky your birds are coming bill said get fantails so that's what I did a friend sent me a one loft race ring and said I should start collecting rings from other countries and hopefully when jacks older he will keep it up better having a hobby of pigeons and collecting racing rings than when he's older standing on street corners drinking or abusing people if you had a ring or 2 old or new that you could send jack I would be very grateful if you cant help please stay friends jack loves his birds and even helps with the scraping I haven't sent my address as I think that would be a bit cheeky if you can help just email and I'll send my address thanks mick

please check

as we only started keeping pigeons last year I'm sorry but we have NO rings to send you in return
but you will have my thanks and friendship

if I have contacted you before sorry I do not mean to offend PLEASE DELETE THIS
if you cant help and can think of someone who maybe can please forward this email

our email


I have to add this as one person I contacted got back to me

saying I was SPAMMING him

I emailed back

please except my sincere apologises

explaining I have been going onto different pigeon sites

and sending emails to different fanciers

and sometimes the same email address are on different sites

if I don't do this I have to buy the rings of ebay

I have bought jack rings from ebay







again if I have contacted you before I am sorry

please just delete this

as I do not mean to offend


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