Talkative BF amazon for swap(closed)

If the member would like to let go or want something, but prefer to to get money involved...

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Talkative BF amazon for swap(closed)

Postby Jones » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:38 pm

Hello all,I have one blue fronted amazon (got licence)which I buy back about 2 weeks ago want to swap.The bird is semi tame,now can stand up my hand but don very like me to touch.Can say:Hello,come up....up(new learn for this 2 weeks),chicken sound,dog bark,whistle,others sound not very clear.Reason:I stay at apartment n get complain from neighbor of it's noise n screaming every morning for about 10-20minutes,so think to swap with others less noise parrot like Tame CAG+others(need permit),Tame eclectus male(no need permit cus I have)+others,or others parrot but the value should be equivalent with the birds prices.No people want to do a disadvantage things,just PM me if have any suggestion to swap,thks all.

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