Jambul behavior changed

Maybe one of the famous species in Malaysia. 'Burung Merbah'
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Re: Jambul behavior changed

Postby Tanin » Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:58 pm

DancingFrawg562 wrote:As for the attire that I wear, I am always shirtless upon waking up in the morning to uncover them, this has been a habit since BKK and they are familiar with me. I do happen to wear an orange shirt from work and at times a black jacket. Usually in the night they thrash around the cage, well only one does.

Can it also be that I am not spending enough time with them? Waking them up too early(6:30 am) or putting them to sleep too late(6:30 pm)?

Thanks bro Tanin

Thats is also possible bro... if nothing else change... maybe you can try to monitor it for few more week. if it is because of no enough time for them (and new place), I think they will adapt after few weeks.
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