Do u believe different pellets suit different birds

Maybe one of the famous species in Malaysia. 'Burung Merbah'
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Do u believe different pellets suit different birds

Postby Wer » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:46 am


Do you believe the above? I had heard majority of the folks that find it difficult/troublesome to use different feeds, or find it not logic to provide different feed to different birds. Common saying were, we own the bird and not vice versa.or....we all eat all bird can eat the same feed .....

Myself, after many months of trial and error, now believe that every birds have different liking for pellets, not too sure whether is it the taste, the size or how the feed works in the digestive systemb that affect their choices.but I do believe all play a parts but the last is the most important factor. Lets put the nutrition factor aside first....

But probably a large percentage of birds that doesn't have a digestive system that are too sensitive, quality feed is preferred.

I have a half Jadi bird that has problem with many brand of pellets, is now settled with one of the branded chicken feed or some call it dried feed, $2.50 per pack, doesn't matter about the brand....

Simple observation on this bird, this bird had tried at least 5 type of feeds all well known brand for the past 3 ate the feeds, nice shit......but the feather fluffered most of the time, the bird has awkward movement on the call....when chai, the bird can only play for 10-15 mins and fluffered again...resting....

Two weeks ago, get a pack of dried feed which I never buy before, tried feeding in the morning, the bird ate a little+fruits, observation 3hrs later, the bird feather tighten, more active , more vocal. Carry on for three days....

Then I change the bird feed to other brand again, the bird still ate, but go back to fluffy feather, limited call and awkward movement.....then I change back to that dried feed again and the bird is active again....I am happy with the finding...

Note: sunning, fruits and location and all other are the same, no changes made

I like toI put it this way, some feeds can cause discomfort to our birds, some may be severe and some may not be obvious. So my opinion is to make sure your bird get the right feed so that it can bring out the best performance of the birds but of course not to forgot the standard of the bird it selfs, not all birds are borne is what it is and we merely bring the health to the fullest......some people wasted good birds when they deny changing bird feeds......of course there are other factors......

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Re: Do u believe different pellets suit different birds

Postby robojumbo » Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:12 pm

Think most important to give you bird the food they like the most. ie they eat a lot.

But I also control their intake of fruits by limiting the size of the fruit given. I try to give them a piece of fruit that will last them 2-3 hours that's all. After that they do not have a choice but to eat their dry food. I think it's important to make them eat the dry food as that's where the protein, vitamins and minerals are.

Or so we assumed. Quality bird food is also important. Otherwise the bird may be consuming what I call blanks. The result, poor feather growth, poor stamina, etc There are many of such type of food in the market. Otherwise keeping jambul would be a breeze.

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