Is it normal behaviour or is my new bird sick?

Maybe one of the famous species in Malaysia. 'Burung Merbah'
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Re: Is it normal behaviour or is my new bird sick?

Postby Tanin » Fri May 19, 2017 3:16 pm

JasonBirds wrote:Update.

I am very happy to tell you my bulbul is 100 percent better now!!!

He is singing, playing in the cage.. jumping and flying.

His legs are strong now.. and he is standing straight and stopped pecking at his legs and feet.

He is no longer looking messy and not sitting still in a ball shape.

He has 2 baths a day and morning sun each morning. (But have to wait till he molt to get a new tail).

I think the shop was not taking good care of them.. just feeding dry food and keeping them in the dark shop.

He was not expensive as the owner said he did not sing well. But I was amazed yesterday how loud he is... and his song is very good... just like the ones on You Tube videos.

He eats everything.... Banana, Grapes, Papaya, apple, and orange. He also has a mix of 2 bulbul pellet, and chicken food. I put Bulbul song vitamin into his drinking water every other day. He really likes the mealworms too.. I just give 2 a day. Last night we had heavy rain and lots of termites. I collect some and he loved them... same as my shama and chickens.

I want to thank everyone on this forum for their help. I am so relived he did not have a disease.

I am very glad that the bulbul was fully recover... it was lucky that he found you and able to go to a great home like yours :goodpost: :goodpost: :goodpost: :bravo :bravo :bravo
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Re: Is it normal behaviour or is my new bird sick?

Postby Paul.R » Fri May 19, 2017 4:23 pm

Great to hear that.
Bird usually are fine. If they are not wel they usually ball up or tuck their head in wings for warm.

Sign of bird sick usually observe from his poo or dropping.
Mostly within hours of getting infection.
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