Shanlung foraging for birdies

Parrot have different behaviour from other species of bird, but most of them is very intelligent and able to learn many thing...
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Shanlung foraging for birdies

Postby shanlung » Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:34 am

Foraging for birdies add so much more to their richness of life. This will make them more content and much happier. And a happy birdie will be that much friendlier and bond that much better with you.

Have a look at the foraging points I did for Riamfada. Also for all other birdies including Oberon, but it was better documented and photoed with Riamfada.
It is too complicated to write here, as without the backing photos, words are not easily understood.
Photos speak better than words.
And you will realised it is a lot easier to do then to talk about.

All these done even for my softbills as well if you have followed accounts of Libai and others.

Riamfada foraging

Staying home with Riamfada & back2room & sharp turning

Pakistan//mind of parrot//Tinkerbell Mash Batch 9//Riamfada pulling up cup//Villa walkabout

Riamfada at home//Dommie at the beach again Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 3

Riamfada last few neighbourhood walks //Riamfada at home on perches// Dommie last neighbourhood walk

You all have to understand that fully flighted birdies in the house can go just about where ever they want to go.
If you do not have places that you are contented that they go to, and they contented to go to, it can be a bloody nightmare.
If the birdie ended up where they should not be, I could righteously toss the birdie to the nice perches for them to chill out

A HUGE added advantage will be the birdie will poop at the places that they like to go and like to be.
And newspaper underneath will take care of those kind of mess.

So my fitting out for foragings was all a nefarious self serving plot of mine to get birdie to like those perching areas, to play there
and to poop there, and to stay out of my hair so I can retain whatever is left of my sanity.

For smaller size birdies such as Libai, this is whats done for foraging.
See him going to especially wobbly perches and eating from there.

Tinkerbell -Summer of 2011 // Ivan and LiBai // LiBai voilational flights to me //

Best will be a variety in perch sizes. I used also thin perches, but those perches will always be slanting to approximate thin sloping branches. And also very wobbly as well and swaying left and right and up and down, almost like a mobile.

The birdie will have to tighten its claws around them to stay on them. To reach and get at the foraging stations fixed on those thin branches.

Good for their balancing skills, self confidence as well as allowing them to develop and exercise their clawing and leg/foot muscles as well.

Take a look at this youtube video of Oriental White-Eye Zosterops palpebrosus passerine song birds feeding in the wild.
As that was shot in Taiwan, the White Eyes that you have seen would have been the sub specie Zosterops japonicus simplex.
See the way they grasp at the very thin swaying branch of the Triadica sebifera or the Chinese tallowtree and you get the idea.
Warmest regards

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