There are lots of accessories that is required in keeping bird of prey. Discuss about it here.

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Postby Tanin » Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:55 am

by : Neil Forbes

For a long time we have all believed that Astroturf is the 'bees knees' as a perching surface for most species. Whilst it is excellent from the point of view of weight dispersal, recent research has indicated that although bacteria on a wood surface die rapidly, those on Astroturf survive for very long periods. More detailed results of this research project will be available shortly (watch the falconry press). In the meantime, do not throw out your Astroturf, it still has a lot to recommend it, but simply soak it well at least twice a week in an effective disinfectant (e.g. virkon) in order to control any bacteria which is happy living on it.
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