Eagle that can be keep (with permit) by Malaysian

Eagle is one of the largest species of bird of prey. They prey consist of small mammals and bird up to as large as wolf in some case...

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Eagle that can be keep (with permit) by Malaysian

Postby Tanin » Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:22 am

Hi all,

I know that many have ask me about some species that we as Malaysian can kept...

Well, in fact there are many of them... few hundreds of them...

After some checking and 'search'... I can concluded that Act 76 actually have listed all species that can be found in Malaysia as Totally protected (schedule 3)... (even if the species is not listed in CITES or only CITES11

However, the good news is that there are lots of species that is in CITES 11 that is 'Non Malaysian', which Act 76 is not covered in the schedule 3... so, legally we can keep and have them with only using KPM24A licence... hehehe...

For Bird of Prey enthusiast, here is some mounth watering info for you... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Under Act 76, These species can be kept using KPM24A:

Mountain hawk eagle – spizaetus nipalensis
Mountain Hawk Eagle is a medium-large raptor at about 70-72cm in length. It has a prominent crest.

The typical adult has brown upperparts and pale underparts, with barring on the undersides of the flight feathers and tail. The breast and belly and underwing coverts are heavily streaked. The wings are broad with a curved trailing edge, and are held in a shallow V in flight.

The heavier underpart streaking and wing shape help to distinguish this species from the similar Changeable Hawk Eagle, (Spizaetus cirrhatus).
* chageable hawk eagle is listed in schedule 3 because this species is natives in Malaysia too

Cassius hawk eagle – spizaetus africanus

Java hawk eagle –spizaetus bartelsi
Identification 60 cm. Medium-sized, forest-dwelling eagle. Crown and moustachial of adult are black, long crest (often held almost vertically) is black, tipped white. Chestnut sides of head and nape, dark brown back and wings, brown long tail, barred black. Creamy-white throat with dark mesial stripe. Rest of underparts whitish, barred rufous. Immature is similar, but with plainer underparts and duller head. Similar spp. Changeable Hawk-eagle Spizaetus cirrhatus lacks rufous cheeks and long crest. Crested Honey-buzzard Pernis ptilorhynchus is smaller with a shorter crest, uneven tail-barring and less rufous in plumage. Rufous-bellied Eagle Hieraaetus kienerii has shorter crest and extensive white upper breast streaked black.

Short-crested hawk eagle - spizaetus lanceolatus

Ornate hawk eagle - spizaetus ornatus
Ornate Hawk Eagle is a medium-large raptor at about 58-64cm in length, and weighs 1200 g. It has a prominent pointed crest, raised when excited, a black bill, broad wings and a long rounded tail.
The typical adult has blackish upperparts and crown, bright chestnut sides to the neck and breast and a black-edged white throat and central breast. The rest of the underparts and feathered legs are white barred with black, and the tail has broad black bars. The underwings are white, with barred flight feathers.
Sexes are similar, but young birds are have a white head, crest and underparts, with brown upperparts, and barring only on the flanks and legs.

Philippine hawk eagle - spizaetus philippensis

Actually there are lots more, and these is only few example... but I choose them as example because these can be found in our neighbour country (but not in Malaysia of course) :lol: :lol:

I will post some photo for your viewing pleasure later on...
Best Regards,

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