Harpy eagle – The most powerful eagle on earth

Eagle is one of the largest species of bird of prey. They prey consist of small mammals and bird up to as large as wolf in some case...

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Harpy eagle – The most powerful eagle on earth

Postby Tanin » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:11 pm

Eagle is majestic, powerful and elegant. At the moment the most powerful eagle alive is Harpy eagle… this eagle is very huge eagle with powerful talon and feet.


The body of harpy eagle measures about 1 meter with the weight of the considerably 7.5 –9 kilogram. The male however is a bit small with only weight 4 –4.8 kilogram.

I think harpy eagle can consider as king of the forest (bird) in their place as they hunt for large mammals like monkeys and sloth. They have very powerful talon which is about the size of grizzly bear claws. It is said that those powerful feet and talons can exert up to several hundred pounds (more than 50kg) of pressure. The sharp claw definitely will able to crush the bone of their prey which they snatches from the forest canopy, which normally their prey will die instantly due to the injury.

Previously harpy eagle range from southeast Mexico to Argentina. Now, Panama’s pristine rain forests are among the few places where the bird has survived. There are lots of decline, mostly because of the deforestation activity… poor bird, powerful but nearly extint because of other people fault..

Each pair of harpy eagle need about 20 square kilometre of healthy forest to thrive. Therefore if the forest is reducing, their chance of survive and breed successfully is reducing too. The female lay usually 2 eggs in a broad nest of wide sticks that are built 50-75 meter above the ground in the crown of the tallest trees. The baby will only test their wings (fly) at about 6 month old and their parent will still looking for and feed them for another year… since it has already take almost two year to raised a young, a pair of harpy eagle will only breed once in two to three year. The young will reach their sexual maturity at about 4 to 5 years old.

(source: Bird of prey)
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