Molting period for Mata Puteh

I observe that many people like to keep this small bird for their beautiful song. Zosterops (Zosterops Palpebrosa) is normally called 'Mata Puteh" (white eye) in this region.
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Molting period for Mata Puteh

Postby ahseah » Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:18 am

The recent wet weather has caused my Buka Mata Putehs to be fluffy, sits all day and no more Buka retrovert. I noticed they have started to molt too. Could i ask some advise on molting please ... How long period is one moulting process and how many molts puteh go thru a year?? The other problems i noticed is, when they are going thru molting, their feces seems to be wet and their overall behaviour sucks. (just like a woman going thru her monthly ......)
As i have kept finches and is quite verse in their health issue, i have adopted some of these to Mata Puteh, don't know i am doing good or harm for the Putehs but would also like to share these with Birdie Brothers, perhaps you all could advise me further.
As usual i would bathe them daily, Sun them (if possible) but for the diet, pellets as normal, replace their daily fruits to:: day 1- lettuce, day 2-no greens, no fruits, day 3 - fuits, days 4 - lettuce (applied with grasshopper powder) and day 5- no greens, no fruits, just pellets. Besides, in their daily drinking water, i added supplements, amino acid to speed up their molting period. Walla, it seems to work for my Puteh, in 2-3 weeks, their molting is almost 70-80% completed and starts to Tiong Aw alot (although no Buka yet). Their feathers are now more shiny and seems to be in good form. The question is how do i get them to BUKA again..... Can some Puteh expert please advise..thank u

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