molting puteh

I observe that many people like to keep this small bird for their beautiful song. Zosterops (Zosterops Palpebrosa) is normally called 'Mata Puteh" (white eye) in this region.
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molting puteh

Postby Rael » Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:04 am

may i know what to do wen your puteh molts?

any specific diet to aid/help the process/recovery of molting?

can we bring the puteh out to chai if its molting?

will molting affect the puteh singing?

how long will it start singing after molting?

thnx :)
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molting puteh (observations)

Postby Rael » Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:45 am

its been 5 days its been molting and today i can see lots of pin feathers..

still singing as per normal, i dun see any change in its singing

active as usual

but i've yet do see drop feathers?
becos ppl say if they molt the feathers will drop.
i don't see it for mine.

any diet thats good for molting?

any steps or precautions i should take when the bird is molting?

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Re: molting puteh

Postby greyhawk » Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:14 pm

1. you should give "Kat Chue" to cool the bird 1st, cover cloth and keep it in dark area but with fresh air flow.
2. when u see new feathers are growing, pum them with lots of supplements like amino acid, calcium, primerose oil in water.

Import : never bring them out to "chai" or sing, this will further drag the time of yr bird moulting, they need alot of rest. If you chai, the testerone level will be high and in worst case, the old feathers will not drop and new feathers will "jammed"

Raw honey helps too, heard it will clear the degestive system.
Just my little experence. Dun flame me if I give wrong info, we are here all to share and improve my birds' quality.
We, chinese do not keep records on genetics, studies etc.. like the westerners. Time to change. :)

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