Some update on MBF spam prevention

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Some update on MBF spam prevention

Postby Tanin » Wed May 25, 2011 4:54 pm

Dear All,

I have made some modification and rules on the forum to prevent spam...

Here is some of the update:
1) New style of captcha image verification
Hope this is easier for real people to choose. Just match the photo and no need to type anything anymore.

2) "Newly registered user group"
When ever a user register, they will be promptly assigned to this group. In this group, there are limitation like unable to create signature, and the post need to be review by moderator before it appear. After certain post, and once moderator confident that it is a 'real bird enthusiast' and not a 'spammer' that join, the user will be move to normal registered group which can use all the function as normal. I have activate the PM for new user... but if anyone feel that some spammer bots have take advantage of the PM (private message). then let me know and I will deactivate the function for this "newly registered user group"

Thanks and hope the new MOD can help you more in browsing MBF
Best Regards,

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