My new Canary

Canary...the bright colour bird with very beautiful song...

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Re: My new Canary

Postby cstan005 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:32 pm

AndyKhan wrote:Hi CSTan,

Based on your reply dated 3.1.2014, I believe by now all the remaining eggs should have hatched.

Usually the female bird will kick out the chick that is already dead or not likely to survive because some injuries or deformity in it(the rule of nature).

The parents needs to feed the chick with egg food and I presume you would have knowledge on this since you have breed other bird before. But sadly there is no shop in KL/Selangor who would sell this special egg food for canary so you will need to make one yourself.

As for me, I need to get all the special egg food for canary from Singapore. Yes, I can make my own egg food but it is troublesome and can't last long not to mention the egg food that I made myself would not have all the required vitamin.

If you need further info, you can call me as you have my number and email.

Andy Khan.

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the information, but sad to say all the chicks dead, due to tight nest at the bottom of the container nest which OD as small as current 20cts coin.Obtain two half empty coconut shell last week and wanted to change the second pair nest but TOO late, eggs been lay. So currently wait what will happen when these second batch hatches(if)
Current food been given is vegtable aka "sang choi" , cuttle fish bone, mixed seed, wheat bread, wheat biscuts, hard boil egg,wheat seed and bath container measure 1 ft x 6in x 3 in for bathing purpose.So,on waiting game now till week 4 January 2014, what is the outcome. Will post photos of the new egg late which just snap today eevning before the sun goes to NAP.... Thanks for sharing information
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Re: My new Canary

Postby Paul.R » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:19 pm

A great feeder pair. Well done.
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