Breeding Grey Singing Finch- Andyb

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Breeding Grey Singing Finch- Andyb

Postby Paul.R » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:01 am

Here a article written by Andy. Hope you like it.

Breeding the Grey Singing Finch.

Pairs seem to be difficult to obtain unless dna sexed or proven pairs can be obtained. We have found it extremely difficult to tell cocks from hens of the grey singers even when known pairs have been identified there would appear to be no noticable difference between the sexes

The first attempt to breed occured whilst housed in a 4ft breeding cage where 4 Greys were housed together although i had never heard any of the birds sing i did see two of the birds attempt to mate whist i was in the birdroom and low and behold the hen attempted to go to nest in the grit pot laying two eggs in there, it quickly became apparent which bird was the cock as it began to attack the other inmates over the next few days and the pair was thus identified and duly separated.

I introduced the pair to a small indoor flight measuring 5ft in lengh X 2ft wide x 2.6ft in hieght attached to 6ft cage via a pophole. The flight contained two artificial trees several nest boxes of various descriptions,Two nest baskets, plus a couple of british type wicker and coco fibre nest pans the cage was used to feed and water the birds. A pair of White Headed Nuns were introduced to the flight at the same time as the Grey Singers and they quickly occupied a nest basket and went on to raise young in the company of the greys.

The greys first nest was built in one of the british type nest pans, They had a choice of nesting materials but made the nest mainly out of jute which is used for canarys, 3 eggs were laid and one youngster hatched after 12 days. Food consisted of soaked seed mixed with eggfood,foreign finch,niger,cress,spinach,grated cuttlefish,oystershell grit, and mini mealworms dusted with Nutrobal of which they took loads. The lone youngster grew well and was fully feathered at 15 days when suddenly disaster struck on entering the birdroom on the morning of the 15th day it was dead, goes without saying i was gutted.

The Adults quickly started another nest this time in one of the artificial trees. To say it looked precarious would be a understatment it again was made of just Jute with a couple of strands of coco fibre going through it, i wasnt hopefull and thought that once the hen started to lay the eggs would fall through the fragile nest. 4 eggs were laid this time and cock was seen to feed the hen on the nest and didnt seem to bothered by my presence in the birdroom by this time the cock was on full song and i must admitt it is one of the best finch songs i have ever heard. After 12 days 3 young hatched and just one day later 4 young Nuns came out of there nest and caused havoc to the Adult Greys who constantly had to fend of the hapless young nuns as they crashed about the flight.

Some 7 days into rearing the nest was looking like it was going to colapse and was listing badly to one side,on returning home on the 7th day one youngster was on the floor but still alive and another was literally about to drop out.

I couldnt leave them like this so i took the decision to support the nest from underneath with a piece of dowel cut to the right hieght with a canary nest pan nailed to it and a small piece of hardboard as the base to stablise it, it took me some half a hour to sort this out, i placed the the pan under the nest and replaced the young greys, well the nest looked totally different and i wasnt sure they would continue to feed or brood the young, i left them alone for some 40 minutes before returning to the birdroom and to my joy the hen was brooding the youngsters once more.

The adults took large amounts of spinach, minimealworms,and soaked seed and all 3 young fledged at approx 20 days and were fully weaned about 14 days later. The 3 youngsters were left in with thiere parents and they went on to have two more nests in the supported pan and reared another 5 young bringing the total to 8. We have another two pairs which are sitting at the moment so its fingers crossed we get some more young as there doesnt seem to be many about !

Although they may not be everyones cup of tea being a dull grey in appearance they certainly make up for it with there wonderfull song.
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Re: Breeding Grey Singing Finch- Andyb

Postby Tanin » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:32 am

Thanks Hatori.... nice article.
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