Scaly legs / feet Solution.

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Scaly legs / feet Solution.

Postby JasonBirds » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:13 am

Maybe this will help other people who have a White Rumped Shama which has dry, scaly legs or feet.

I saw one of my birds was only using one leg.. only using the second leg when I got near to his cage. I had a close look at him and notices his legs and toes were looking dry and flaky, and the scales were raised up. The toes on the bad leg looked the worse and he was having pain there and difficulty to close the toes up.

I keep chickens I decided to use the cure I used for them in the past and it worked really well and very fast. Now he is using both legs and they legs and feet look much smoother and improving every day.

Here is what you can do to help one of yours Shama or any other pet bird with this problem....

Use vegetable cooking oil... any kind, even coconut oil.

Pour the oil into a small container (big enough to fit in the birds foot and leg up to his body). The container should be heavy to the bird does not kick is over and spill the oil out.

Simply catch you bird and gently put his leg and foot into the oil and hold it under the oil for 30 seconds. Do the same for the other leg and foot. Be careful not to get oil onto his feathers!!!

Better 2 people do this... one to hold the bird and a helper to get its leg in and also after the oil treatment to gently use a paper towel or cloth to dab off any drips of oil left.

The but the bird back in the cage. He will be a bit upset and quiet for a time, but after a few minutes he will be back to normal.

You will see the legs will start to look better after only a couple of days... and after a week they should be nearly back to normal.

I recommend a second leg dip after 2 weeks to make sure all the mites (that cause this problem) are killed by the oil. You should also clean the cage and good idea to change the perches for new ones.. or use some oil to oil them down to smother the mites.. then dry the perches with the paper towel.

Hope that will help some birds out... rather than an expensive visit to the vets.

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Re: Scaly legs / feet Solution.

Postby Tanin » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:58 am

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thanks for the sharing Jason
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Re: Scaly legs / feet Solution.

Postby Rizu » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:52 pm

Good post Jason. Hope it will help any bird keeper that face same problem as your. Keep sharing.
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