Need advise.....

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Need advise.....

Postby jerrin » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:20 pm

Hi Every One!!

I am thinking of getting myself a nice bird as pet. After doing little bit of research I would like to go for a ringneck or a sun conure. Any suggestions as to where I can get them in Kuala Lumpur? Its been just two months since I moved to KL... so not much local knowledge. I settled for a bird as my condo restricts dogs cats etc..... My condo's sound insulation looks good enough but hope its not a problem to my neighbors as i do realise parrots can be quit noisy. I never had a parrot before however I bonded really well with my neighbors one when I was a child. Is it good to buy as baby and hand fed them and train or should I go for a bit older one? These days I am at office almost 10 - 12 hours so need to make sure wether the bird can stay alone all that time? I am going for a single one as I want to train the bird well so not much company for the bird some times when I am not around. Awaiting your guidance people. Thanks. - Jerrin

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Re: Need advise.....

Postby jganesh1285 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:13 am

If you are planning to get a hand fed are you planning to feed them when you're out 10-12 hrs a day! You should get a fully weaned one. I am not sure the folks in here know any ringneck/sun conure breeders. You will need to ask around...

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