Baby IRN Day Out and Taming

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Baby IRN Day Out and Taming

Postby jackrock » Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:19 pm my first home bred IRN. Not sure if its a male or female. Father is a normal green and mother is a Lutino.

This chick has just turned 50-day old and is now undergoing taming, socializing and eating from my hand. I am bringing this chick to as many places as possible including outdoors so that he could get use to the outside world, noise, cars etc...but must be under very watchful eyes. The videos below were taken this afternoon and is his/her very first day outdoor.

He's still a little nervous but I think he is doing all right. I have been handfeeding him/her since he was a week old. IRN tend to be very nervous and I hope this early training will bring the best out of him/her and make him/her a perfect pet and companion bird. the way. This little fellow just had a baby brother/sister. Just saw it in the box a few days ago :D

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Re: Baby IRN Day Out and Taming

Postby nabil89 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:39 pm

d best irn ever!!so cute n cuddly,lovin it!,,huhu,,,
hope 2 see him soon,,,,,

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Re: Baby IRN Day Out and Taming

Postby Irwan Fahmy » Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:33 am

Good Luck into your new family member Nabil... :D

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Re: Baby IRN Day Out and Taming

Postby razwi » Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:48 pm

Its nice....but make sure u clip he/she's wing because we dont know when is he's first of luck.

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