introducing my ringneck

Indian ringneck... the green guy... smart and handsome parakeet...
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Re: introducing my ringneck

Postby regan » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:59 am

some update of tango's speaking progress

By default, the sentances and words tango knew are

i love you
hi sexy
good boy
good baby

but these few days i hear him say

tango sexy, cheeky sexy boy. hi tango, good cheeky, good tango. i love tango, i love cheeky, i love good baby, i love baby, i love good tango.
its all the combination of all the word that he can repeat. but some of the new words are still very mumbly (cheeky is my cockatiel name)

he has difficulty in saying sexy, and keep trying to say it clearly. when he was practicing, he keep saying sex, sex, sex...when there was guess, they ask "did you bird just say sex?"

he say cheky very well, he can do it in alot of tone and expression, like cheeeeekyyyyyyyyyyyyy, cheeky!!!, cheekyyyyyy, cheeeeeky

this morning i tried to get a video of tango talking...but it was very blur and the sound recording really bad, plus tango was so distructed by my phone...he keep looking at the phone and at last he cant take it and he scream. for once again i hear the long lost natural screaming...
i dont want to encaurage it, so i stop and leave him alone

heres the video, hope you guys can still hear what he is actually saying


in the vid, he say
hi sexy, wolf whistle-keep repeating it
i love you-repeat a few time
and alot of mumbling...
but at the earlier on, i hear him saying some new word
new words for today
smart baby....

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Re: introducing my ringneck

Postby Irwan Fahmy » Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:06 am

Congratulations to you and Tango! :D
I can hear that Regan.. Tango's voice will become clear in a matter of time.. Clarity of voice in some parrots even to my Grey took a year..
Keep up on the training will ya.. :wink:

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