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Re: MRobin enthusiast

Postby jamesliew » Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:27 am

Irena Puellla wrote:
jamesliew wrote:hi yokekhong,
The nearest magpie robin birdsclub is in (Serdang N Cheras) :welcome:

Hi Jamesliew..
Nice to meet u,, Magpie Robin BirdClub, Cheras dekat mana ? Taman Tenaga kah. :)
Kalau Serdang pula dekat mana ?

hi irena puellla,
M.r. Birdclub in cheras is in tmn Tenaga you enter the 1st traffic light turn left n 2nd traffic light go straight till a corner see left n is they.And in serdang, highway to N9 next have a main road have many used car dealer when you see a big chinese temple u enter then u can see the :tq:
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Re: MRobin enthusiast

Postby yokekhong » Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:47 am

My MR already finished moulting. Size increased a bit. But sometime can see feather and tales dropped in the cage. Maybe wild MR came and fought with him or moulting has not finished yet. My neighbour opposite my house has one MR and we used to let them have 'Fire". Hope to bring my MR to Cheras to join the crowd but always not free and not sure the MR club timing and schedule. Normally in the morning of every day or only available on Sat and Sun? Any one can tell?

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