Bird Scarers in paddyfields, factory grain storage, hangars

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Bird Scarers in paddyfields, factory grain storage, hangars

Postby irdzul » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:16 am

First of all, I am not against birds. I just am making a living from scaring birds where in flocks of a few thousand, they are a nuisance such as in paddyfields, factory grain storage, aircraft hangars, hospitals and condos, etc. A few hundred thousands of birds roosting at the same place night after night or eating paddy day after day can indeed be a great nuisance. I offer 2 methods of scaring birds. The first in the field is by ZON LPG Cannon which gives automatic 125dB blast every few minutes or as programmed 1-30 minutes blast. The second is for indoor aircraft hangars or open air restaurant areas,hospital open balconies, condominium/apartment balconies, etc, where a special non toxic(USFDA-US Food and Drug Administration, approved) and pleasant fragrant vapour released into the air will irritate bird as they fly around. Thus the birds will stay away from such hygienic places.I understand that bird lovers will not be happy with me but I think they will appreciate birds needs to be scared off if they become a nuisance to our agricultural harvest, our health, etc! Contact me at or 0195557934 if you are interested in these 2 methods I mentioned above. For your info I have supplied ZON LPG Cannon to prevent birdstrike to aircrafts at military bases and civil airports.

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