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      Acquiring of Young cockatiel


Acquiring of young cockatiel to be one of your fellowship makes up very interesting & a moment meriting waiting for. We run across a lots person that have not experienced whatever personal experience with pet birds or even keeping pet birds. The bird lover are really energising to hold off to get their foremost cockatiel to reach home.


Here is constituted of a few ways about what we could setup for him.

Placing & housing

Before your birds arrive, we must keep around the cage set up. The measurement and the supplies of the cage can be important likewise whereby they must does'nt excessively liitle for our cockatiel. You can read further other detail data about cage within the cage article.The cage must be cleaned prior to the cockatiel Acquiring therefore whenever the parrot arrived, the parrot able have a bit of rest around the bird new cage. Whilst we clean the cage we need confirmative there were no detergent (if in case we use detergent) left behind which in the future might kill your cockatiel. When cleaning, the cage also should be dry before we put the cockatiel in. So, for this purpose whenever someone mail the cockatiel for us, we can read further the guessed time of the cockatiel get in . After we know the guessed time of arrival produce requirement action and confirmative which cage can be prepared by the time. If you travel to get the cockatiel, it is easier because you may hold extra control across the time & you might go & take the cockatiel only after everything is set up.


Where to put the cage

we able ask with the aviculturist on the data of the cockatiel. Whenever our cockatiel is used to people we able actually set up the cockatiel around our living room which the cockatiel can observe the cockatiel new house start from first day. This will push the cockatiel to grow bonding with the new family sooner. Even so, this is likewise devolve on the health of the cockatiel. Occasionally In case the trip is long & take time the cockatiel may be fatiqued. In case this is the case, we may either cover the cage with a sheet of cloth or put the cage in quieter environment.



Cater variey of food to our new cockatiel. Check the breeder or the breeder in relation to the animal preferred food (In case any) and all facts regarding the animal former food. Some of the facts that we should ask will be in relation to the food that will be given to him previously, and what type food that the parrot will require. Usually we may prepare the food set up even prior to the cockatiel come. Whenever we acquire from bird seller, we may need to buy a few food from the shop along when we bring the birds back. Whenever we acquire from seller, we could ask a bit of sample of the food thus the cockatiel may not starve while it reaching to our house.

If the breeder willing to post the birds to our house, it is real good because the seller or the aviculturist might capable to give other suggest or guidelines to us around the food that we have, the food bowl (food container) and the emplacement of the food container.



cockatiel Books & Video Tapes from Avian Publications

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein

Avian Medicine: Principles & Application (Abridged Edition) by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop



18 April 2005

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