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   Tame Cockatiel is a very charming pet bird. They love to whistle and can be very noisy when they exited. They just enjoy to accompany us. Pet Cockatiel can be teached some trick and also can be train to talk. Cockatiel is able to whistle and can talk if we teach them properly. However, I would like to stress here that as a birds keeper, we should provide a good house for them. Good cage with enough room for them to climb and "fly" and also some toys for them to play when we are not at home is necessary for keeping Pet Cockatiel.
       I think cockatiel is an ideal pet bird for many of us. It is not very expensive as many pet birds such as Macaw, Cockatoo or Amazon Parrot. It even not as expensive as Conures or some of the Parakeet, while it is can be consider bigger than budgie. It can be classified as small pet birds as the size is about 30 CM from head to its tail. The tail is about half of the length.

        In Malaysia, I saw many pet shop sell cockatiel. However, these Cockatiel is not hand feed and if you are not very lucky, normally you can only find Cockatiel that is not tame. From the information that I get from some pets shop owner in Kuala Lumpur, they import Cockatiel to Malaysia. They claim that there are no Cockatiel breeder in Malaysia.

        I start to keep Cockatiel since year 2000. However, before I buy my first Cockatiel, I have buy and read many book about keeping and breeding Cockatiel. I spend lots of money and time to learn how to keep and breed Cockatiel and other pet birds. I get my first book in 1996, which title "You and Your Pet Birds" by Dr. David Alderton. Now I have dozens of book about pets especially about pet birds in English, Malays and Thai language. I invest more money in learning how to keep the birds properly compared to the cost of buying the birds itself. I recommend everyone that want to keep Cockatiel or any other pets to read and learn as much as you can before decide to go ahead and buy the animal. You can check some interesting book regarding keeping or breeding pets here or at Amazon.com.

       After having my Cockatiel, I have try to breed them. I have keep many pet birds (in different cage of course) but haven't had any that is very tame, therefore I think by breeding my Cockatiel, I can have a very tame Cockatiel as pets. In year 2002 I able to breed them and I had two baby that survive. I think that is just the beginning and now I had many baby cockatiel which is very tame and very charming.
       I think, everyone that like to keep Cockatiel especially in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia should have a chance to have a tame Cockatiel. Cockatiel can be teach to speak, and I believe that if you have a tame one. It is easier for you to teach them! Learn how to train your birds here.

I decide to sell my hand feed Cockatiel to Cockatiel enthusiasts. If you live in Kuala Lumpur area, I can manage to send them directly to your house, with no extra charge. But of course if you stay very far from my house, I may have to charge extra for that. By the way, if you want to buy the Cockatiel, I hope you can prepare a comfortable cage (you can buy a birds cage in any Pets Shop) for your Cockatiel. Please note here that the cage should be big enough for your birds to moved around, as in the first few day you should leave her alone. If you would like to train the cockatiel, you can start to train her after a week you aquire her. This is because the Cockatiel should be familiar with her cage before you bring her out.

Web www.pet-cockatiel.com

I would like to advice to anyone that thinking of keeping animal as pets to learn as much as possible about the animals or birds. They will become good companion with good care from you but you must know their need and the 'bad" side of keeping them. Check some book pets here or at  Amazon.com.


Best regards,

Tanin Eh Boon

PS : I will provide many information about "caring Cockatiel or housing pet Cockatiel" here but there are more information that you can get from the reference book (I believe every Cockatiel owner or any pets owner should have some in their collection) or even article in the internet. Hence, I will concentrate in providing a good tame Cockatiel for pet birds enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the cages, you can buy a good cage in many pets shop in Kuala Lumpur, just keep in mind that the bigger the better for your birds. Therefore please do not hesitate to buy the biggest cage that you seem appropriate based on your budget and space avaiable.





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